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Hours- By Appointment Only

One of our sustainable promises is to plant at least 100 trees a year.


Family Owned Farm Since 2013

Farming is our life, and we love it! We have watched so much life grow and change on our farm, while learning, having fun, and getting into shape. We are very thankful to eat true organic food straight from our garden to our plate, and we hope to supply many families with organic food every year. Thank you for supporting us!


Fresh produce when in season!

New Black Walnut Slabs!
They have a beautiful dark center with white edges.

New American Beech Slabs!
They all have a thick blonde border with a reddish pink center.

New Cherry Slabs!
Beautiful dark red color with a light blonde border on the edges. 

Lumber for DIY projects


Loving the addition to the new kitchen Island! Great customer service! Took the time to answer all my questions & I got a great deal. 

- Michelle & Frank

Here is a trailer I built all from Dan's lumber.

- Jake S.

Hours: By appointment only

Phone: (231) 245-1693

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We appreciate your support!

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